Amazon Record Utilization of Renewable Energy in 2022

The tech giant this week announced that it had secured more renewable energy in 2022 than any other company had bought in a year, as part of its drive to power its stores, data centers and fulfillment centers entirely using clean energy by 2025.

The company said it backed 133 new projects across 11 countries last year, taking its total renewables portfolio to more than 20GW and allowing it to retain its position as the world's largest corporate buyer of renewable energy.

Kyle Harrison, head of sustainability research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, noted that Amazon's clean energy portfolio is on par with many power companies.

"Amazon's clean energy portfolio doesn't just top the corporate charts — it is now among the leading utilities globally," he said. "The fact that it announced a new annual record of clean energy in a year mired by a global energy crisis, supply chain bottlenecks and high-interest rates speaks to its forward planning and expertise in navigating power markets and executing long-term contracts."